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  1. Is there a chatroom? — No. I find chatrooms very distracting.
  2. How long have you been trading? — More than 15 years.
  3. What is a typical alert? — "Long XYZ at $3.75 w/stop under $3.70"
  4. Are you a speculative trader? — Definitely not, because it's gambling. I trade price only.
  5. What do you trade? — We daytrade low float small caps, and swing small caps and large caps.
  6. Where do you get ideas? — From scan results, and watch lists I keep. Everyday, I analyze around 200 charts and narrow down to three or four really good ideas.
  7. Do you short? — rarely and only large caps.
  8. Do you day trade? — Two to four times a week and very selectively.
  9. What is your most important rule? — This is true to everything in life: "The simpler, the better." That's exactly what SHSTrade's approach to trading: clear and simple.
  10. Do you trade everyday? — Ideally I want to be able to trade everyday and 24/7; I'm a trader. However, if I don't see what I'm familiar with, then it's not wise to force a trade.
  11. Do you have trial period? — There is no trial period.
  12. How do I cancel? — Just email a cancelation request to the above email. Cancelation requests take 24 hours to complete.