A Look Inside SHSTrade Service

TerminologyWatch ListsCurrent Holdings

  1. Long at $4.10 w/stop < $4.00 — Long at $4.10, and stop out if price drops under $4.00.
  2. Long on dip to $4.10 — Long if there's a sharp dip to $4.10 before 11:00 EST.
  3. Long above $4.10 — Long if price breaks above $4.10.
  4. Long on red2green — After the AM dip, long when prices recovers above previous day's close.
  5. Long against MA50 (or MA200) — Long if price dips to MA50 (or MA200) and stop out if lower.
  6. Will add if lower — Will buy at next support level if the current breaks.
  7. .618 @ $4.10 — .618 retracement line at $4.10
  8. .5 @ $1.10 — .5 retracement line at $4.10
  9. $4.10 resistance — Resistance to the current rise at $4.10
  10. $4.10 support — Support for the current decline at $4.10
  11. Gap-n-go — Anticipating a gap up and go without dipping.
  12. Stop gain < $4.10 — Automatic stop gain is set for a break under $4.10.
  13. Gain trimming < $41.00 — Automatic trimming a winning position is set for a break under $4.10.
  14. Stop gain triggered. Trimmed/Sold out — The automatic stop has triggered the trimming or closing of a profitable position in ABC.
  15. Stop triggered. Cut ABC — Closed ABC for a loss.
  16. Trim, or sell, to $4.10 — Looking to trim, or dispose, on the way to $4.10.
  17. Continuation — More upside is expected. XYZ has been featured in daily watch lists, or currently swinging XYZ.
  18. Topping — Current bullish trend seems to lose momentum.
  19. Top/Bottom Box — ABC is trading within a box either at top or bottom.
  20. ABC bullish wedge — ABC forms a bullish wedge.
  21. ABC bearish wedge — ABC forms a bearish wedge.
  22. See XYZ — ABC's current formation/pattern can also be observed in XYZ.

On using the watch lists:

  • Price in the SINCE column is the price when a security is added to the list.
  • Stocks are ranked on how well formed they are.
  • Click links in the CHART column for live noted charts.

Stocks in this list rare ranked basing on where they are in a trade and whether certain price targets have been met and at the bottom of the list are stocks scheduled to be disposed of.